Recording a New Album! Pre-Order & Support!

We are recording a new album of ‘cello songs’ with just layers of cello, violin, ukulele, and vocals. It will sound like how we do live, so we are very excited. Seven Songs have been recorded and we have five that are ready to be mixed! We want to have it finished by January or […]

Der Helle Wahnsinn – Now until Oct.5th


Basically in ‘Der Helle Wahnsinn’ (Sheer Madness) I’m treating acrobat patients as a Nun-Nurse two years after WWII in a German psychological institution musical play… … all while playing the cello and singing. I’ve always wanted to be a therapist, now I have a chance! My favorite patient, Punka (played by David Periera), is a […]

JUNE! Habrovka Festival Prague! CZ/PL TOUR!!

Hitching up the Cello, Backpack, and CDs for a train ride tour along with a new Violinist Simon Kluth for the Czech Republic Run! Olga Kwiatek will be joining me for Apropos Club and Nowa Cafe in Poland!!! MAY 30th BERLIN – Donau115!!! 3.June – BRNO – Open Mic na Praha 4.June – PRAHA – […]

Spring Europe Tour [ March 11th - April 3rd ] American Songbirds Festival!

ashia, ashia grzesik, olga kwiatek, ashia and the bison rouge, bison rouge

Ola Kwiatek, My sweet violinist from Wroclaw, PL and I will be touring with 3 other sensational singer-songwriters from N.America as the American Songbirds. Come out to these shows! We’d love to see you! Its our first ever ‘West European’ Tour at incredible venues and has always been in our dreams to do this! 11.3 […]

Support the American Songbirds Europe Tour!!

American-Songbirds-Flyer 1

Next Spring I’ll be joining 3 other American Songbirds to tour in Europe in the Spring! We need the help of supporters to help us fly to Europe through a START NEXT CAMPAIGN!! – otherwise its trains, boats, and bikes to get us there! This tour and performances will be very special: Each Songbird has […]